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Solar solutions for business

Thought about putting your roof to work?

Solar solutions for your business

Profit from space you already own

Unlock value from your existing assets, such as your roof, car park or outdoor area.

Smart export guarantee tariff

Our smart export guarantee tariff gives the option of selling any surplus electricity your business generates back to the grid.

Nationwide installation

Our established team install solar panels from leading manufacturers and manage the full process, from initial proposal right through to installation.

A solar package that meets your business's green energy goals

At ScottishPower we’ve been supplying electricity to businesses for over 30 years, so it makes sense that we’re now at the forefront of solar energy installation. Our expert team are here to guide you on your green journey and provide a bespoke solar package for your business that meets your energy requirements, both now and in the future. We offer an end-to-end process that can include:

  • Solar panel and battery options

  • Preliminary proposal, site survey and final tailored solution

  • Potential to sell excess energy generated back to grid

  • Nationwide installation with health and safety at its core

  • Management of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) approval process

Lomond Foods’ solar journey to NetZero

Every business’s solar journey is different but have a look at this Glasgow-based food wholesaler, Lomond Foods, who are accelerating towards achieving net zero emissions by 2025 by using unused roof space and installing solar panels.


How do we install your business’s solar panels and battery?

Your solar journey starts with the installation of your solar panels and solar battery. Learn more about our professional installation of your solar solutions, and what you need to know before your installation day, with our helpful video.


Ready to make the smart move to solar?

Just give us a call on 0333 443 2346 (Mon to Fri, 9am - 5.30pm) or drop us an email and we'll be in touch

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariffs

One of the best export rates on the market[1]


A greener tomorrow for your business, starting today

We have teamed up with experts, including the Carbon Trust, to help you discover new ways of reducing your emissions.  Read our guide to find out how you could generate extra revenue, take control of energy costs and reduce your carbon emissions.


Frequently asked questions


This statement is based on ScottishPower’s SmartGen+ tariff available only to customers who installed solar panels &/or solar batteries with ScottishPower. ScottishPower conduct market analysis regularly to update and verify this position.