What is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a new scheme encouraging people to use renewable energy to power their homes. Effective from 1 January 2020, an SEG tariff will provide eligible small-scale, low-carbon generators with payments for the electricity they export to the National Grid.

For example, households with solar panels will likely produce more energy than they use. Rather than letting this go to waste, the surplus energy gets exported to the grid. Under the new SEG scheme, anyone producing more energy than they use will receive payments.

SEG acts as an alternative to the Feed-in Tariff, which ended in March 2019, and helps the UK move towards a more sustainable future.

Who is SEG for?

The SEG is aimed at anyone who has an eligible installation of one of the following energy sources, up to a capacity of 5MW, or up to 50kW for Micro-CHP:

  • Wind
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Hydro
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Micro-combined heat and power

Our SEG tariff

As a Mandatory SEG licensee, we are required to offer a SEG tariff to any generator with an eligible installation.

Our SEG tariff is called ‘Smart Export Variable’ and we will pay generators on this tariff for every unit of electricity they Export. As it is a variable tariff, the price may move up or down from time to time. The current price of this tariff is:

Tariff name Price per kWh
Smart Export Variable tariff 4p

How to Apply

Our SEG tariff is open to applications from 1 January 2020. If you wish to apply, you must complete the following documentation (terms and conditions apply):

  1. Application Form
  2. Vendor Form
  3. Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) or equivalent
  4. Proof of ownership of the property/entitlement to SEG Payment
  5. Initial Meter reading from export meter register, with photo evidence.
  6. If you have battery storage, you will need to provide a schema to show that any energy output from the batteries will not be measured by the smart meter (you should note that battery storage is classed as 'brown energy', which is not eligible for payments under the scheme)
  7. If Anaerobic Digestion Technology- evidence required from OFGEM confirming the AD quarterly sustainability and annual feedstock compliance
  8. If you are VAT registered (see section 6 of the application FORM), aself-billing VAT Form must be completed.

Please note that 1 to 5 above are required; whereas 6 to 8 are only required if applicable.

If you wish to apply you should now download, complete and sign the application form below and email it to SEG@scottishpower.com. You should also send us copies of all of the relevant documentation, as set out in the application form. Note: terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

SEG is designed for customers who generate Green electricity via Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Hydro, Micro CHP or Anaerobic Digestion and pass any unused power back to the Electrical Grid.

Can I continue to receive FiT payments together with SEG?

No, if you are receiving FiT Export you are not eligible for SEG unless you opt out of receiving FIT Export payment

How do I apply for SEG?

To be eligible for SEG:

• You must have one of the generation sources mentioned previously
• You must have a Smart or AMR meter that can obtain half hourly readings and you consent to us taking them
• You must have an Export mpan or we will great one for you if this is you first applying and are not transferring from another supplier
• You must complete the application form and send to us all the required documentation i.e. MCS Certificate, completed Vendor/Bank form with the necessary supporting document

When will I be paid for the energy I Export?

• Once we receive your application form and supporting documentation, we will begin the registration process which may include creating an Export Mpan
• We will also need to check some external systems to ensure that you are not being paid for FiT Export. As previously mentioned, you cannot be paid for FiT & SEG Export
• You will be paid 6 monthly and the first payment will be made approximately 6 months after your contract start date with us
IMPORTANT: You must submit the readings from your export meter, online, every 6 months or we will be unable to make any payments to you. We may also ask that you provide photo evidence to support your submissions.

How does this affect my Electricity Account?

• There will be no change to your electricity supply. Your SEG contract will be separate to your normal Electricity and/or Gas contracts
• You will still receive your normal bills for your Electricity supply
• You will use some of what you generate and the excess will be exported to the grid.
• Your Electricity supply does not have to be with ScottishPower for you to be eligible to receive SEG payments from ScottishPower
• If you are a ScottishPower customer, you can transfer your energy supply (based on your current T&Cs) but still receive SEG payments from ScottishPower

How do I read the export register of my smart meter?

You’ll need to provide us with meter readings from your export meter every 6 months, for payments to be issued. In some instances, we might require photo evidence that clearly shows the Meter serial number and the meter reading on your export register.

Below you can find instructions on how to read the export register of the types of smart meter that ScottishPower installs. However, if ScottishPower did not install your smart meter, you may need to seek advice from the installing supplier on how to read the meter.



  • 1. From the meter index, press the middle button to enter the meter menu.
  • 2. Using the top and bottom buttons to cycle through the menu options, navigate to “General” and press the middle button to enter the “General” menu
  • 3. Using the top and bottom buttons to cycle through the menu options, navigate to “Total Registers” and press the middle button
  • 4. Using the top and bottom buttons to cycle through the headings, navigate to “Cum. Exp.” which will have the value of the active export measured in kWh.


  • 1. From the meter index, press the B button to cycle through various headings until the “Mode of Operation” is displayed which will identify if the meter is in “Credit Mode” or “Prepay Mode”.
  • 2. Once on the “Mode of Operation”, continue to press the A button until reaching the “Total Export kWh” heading which will display the value of the active export register measured in kWh.



  • 1.From the meter index, press the top button to be taken into the main menu options
  • 2. On the main menu, cycle through the options using the bottom button to “Registers” and press the top button to enter the “Registers” menu
  • 3. In the “Registers” menu, cycle through the options using the bottom button until “Cumulative” is highlighted and press the top button to enter the “Cumulative” options
  • 4. In the “Cumulative” options, press the bottom button to cycle through the headings until “Cum. Exp.” is displayed which will display the active export register in kWh.


  • 1. From the default display menu, press the A button continuously until the heading “Total Active Export kWh” is displayed which will show the active export register in kWh
  • 2. Pressing the B button will take the user out of the default menu into other meter features. In this case the user should wait 60 seconds for the display to return to the default menu and then repeat step 1.


  • 1. From the meter index, press the “OK” button to cycle forward or the return button to cycle back until the “EXPRT” heading appears which will show the active export register in kWh.
  • 2. An alternative method is to wait until the “EXPRT” heading is displayed as it will automatically cycle between “IMPRT”, “EXPRT” and “BILL” every few seconds.

Customers may have meters from other manufacturers if the smart meter / AMR had been installed by an energy supplier other than ScottishPower.