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See your energy like never before

Does your energy use feel like a bit of a mystery? Ever wish you could take more control over it and know just what to do to use less? Energy Insights, our handy energy monitoring tool, was designed just for you. With Energy Insights you can easily track your energy habits and pinpoint changes that could help you reduce your energy usage by up to 5%*.


Energy Insights in three easy steps

Sync with your smart meter

Energy Insights displays a detailed breakdown of your energy, using the data provided by your smart meter.

Create your profile

Open the ScottishPower App, head to the Smart Home section, then answer a few simple questions about your home and appliances in your home to access Energy Insights.

Get an accurate view**

To make sure what you see is as up-to-date as it can be you’ll need to choose half hourly reads when you register for Energy Insights.

Effortless energy tracking

Life is busy enough without worrying about how to keep an eye on your energy. We’ve built Energy Insights to take time and effort out of tracking where in your home energy is being used, and where it could be most easily reduced.

You’ll get a clear weekly breakdown of your energy (in kWh and £s) by category so that you can identify habits that are costing you more and make changes. Understanding what changes, you and your family can make every day around the house could help you reduce your energy use by up to 5%, which could save you as much as £61.59 a year*.


John's Energy Insights Experience

Find out how John used Energy Insights to help him to make changes in his home to reduce his energy usage and save almost £200 a year.


More control in the palm of your hand

You’re in charge

Use the detailed graphs and charts displayed within Energy Insights to make informed decisions about your energy usage and spend.

Easy to understand

Get simple insights that illustrate how much energy you’re using and where. Whether it’s heating, cooking or lighting, you’ll see where your energy is used around the home.

Get energy confident

A better understanding of your energy habits can help you to make changes that could reduce energy use, save money and positively impact the environment.

Keep your energy on track

Just like a fitness tracker, the Energy Insights tool lets you measure your energy patterns in detail and you can use the tool to check if any energy-efficient changes you make are positively influencing your energy spend over time.

It gives you weekly & monthly comparisons of your energy use to keep you motivated to reduce energy, which can save money and help reduce your carbon footprint.


Start taking control of your energy today

Simply download the ScottishPower App to get started.

Frequently asked questions

* The savings value presented is based on a 5% reduction in gas and electricity use for a customer on a tariff covered by Ofgem’s energy price cap, who pays by Direct Debit, with Ofgem’s average annual energy usage for a typical household in Britain (2,700kWh single rate electricity & 11,500kWh gas use) prior to using the Energy Insights tool. We refer to a 5% reduction in energy use as this represents the average energy savings made by a sample of customers who had a smart meter installed and provided consent to sharing half hourly smart meter data and used the Energy Insights tool at least 3 times between May to July 2021 and May to July 2022.

** There may be times when we are unable to communicate with your meter, however Energy Insights will show the number of days within the period that have been successfully tracked.