Your business energy is about to get smarter

Your business’s energy meters are being phased out. Smart meters are the new generation of meters that give you control of your business energy. With smart meters, you can see exactly how much energy your business is using in pounds and pence, which could help you save money on your bills.

Making managing your energy easier

What smart meters mean for your business

  • See how much activities are costing your business in pounds and pence
  • See accurate and real-time information on the energy your business is using
  • No more manually submitting meter reads
  • No need for someone to come and read your business's meter
  • No more estimated bills, so they'll be accurate ones every time*

* There may be times where we are unable to communicate with your meter and we would need to rely on an estimate.

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We will offer all our customers a smart meter by the end of 2020. Our installations are part of the Government's national upgrade initiative to put smart meters into every home and small business in Britain. If you are a ScottishPower customer and you have received a letter or email offering you a smart meter then you can book your installation here:

Book installation

Don’t worry if you haven’t received a communication from us offering you a smart meter - we'll write to you before we're scheduling installations in your area. When you receive your letter or email, call us to arrange your appointment or book online. This is the time to tell us if you need any additional support with your installation.

Where possible, we'll look to send you confirmation of your appointment time. And if we have your mobile number, we will aim to send you a text reminder the day before your installation and will call you on the day to confirm our arrival time.

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