Smart Thinking - the benefits of smart meters

At ScottishPower we believe our job is more than just to bring you energy.

It's also about making your energy choices clear and simple which can help you save on your energy costs. That's why we think the Government's plan to introduce smart meters in all small businesses across Britain by 2020 is a positive change. Smart meters give you more control through a smart energy display for Business, which could help you save your energy and help the environment too.

You can start enjoying some of the benefits of your new meters and smart meter display as soon as they're installed. Your smart meter automatically sends us your meter readings every month.

Making managing your energy easier

Source: Smart Energy GB website

What smart meters mean for you

  • See how much gas and electricity you're using
  • See how much activities are costing you in pounds and pence
  • You could change your behaviours to save and reduce your carbon footprint
  • No more manually submitting meter reads
  • No more need for someone to come and read your meter
  • No more estimated bills, so they'll be accurate ones every time

We will be in touch

We will offer all our customers a smart meter by the end of 2020. Our installations are part of the Government's national upgrade initiative to put smart meters into every home and small business in Britain. If you are a ScottishPower customer we will be in touch with you as soon as we are ready to install your smart meter.

We'll write to you before we're scheduling installations in your area. When you receive your letter, call us to arrange your appointment, this is the time to tell us if you need any additional support with your installation.

Where possible, we'll look to send you confirmation of your appointment time. And if we have your mobile number, we will aim to send you a text reminder the day before your installation and will call you on the day to confirm our arrival time.

Register interest today

Smart Energy GB is an organisation that was created to help everyone in Britain understand smart meters. They help us tell you about the rollout and to show you how to use your new meters to get the full benefits.

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