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Planned emergency power cuts

Planned emergency power cuts

Information on what to do in the event of a planned emergency power cut

Understanding how they could affect you and how you can prepare

In the UK, the National Grid ESO (Electricity Supply Operator) has the responsibility to balance the energy market, ensuring that there is always enough energy available to meet the demands of homes and businesses. Against the backdrop of the ongoing global gas supply shortage, the National Grid ESO has indicated that emergency power cuts are unlikely this winter, but not impossible, and we should be prepared just in case.

Planned emergency power cuts would only happen when all other options have been considered, or there is a need to deal with a major energy supply shortage. They are a way to safely manage the electricity supply in an energy emergency so a supply and demand situation can be resolved more quickly. Procedures for planned emergency power cuts have existed for decades and are simulated in emergency exercises by the energy sector each year ahead of the winter.

For the most up to date advice and information on planned emergency power cuts please visit https://www.powercut105.com

Last updated: 22 December 2022

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