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Boiler Insurance Explained

Boiler Insurance Explained

Information about our boiler insurance including how to contact us in an emergency

What does Boiler Insurance entitle me to?

We work with Domestic & General, the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider, to offer Boiler Insurance products to our customers.

Boiler Insurance consists of the following products:

  • Boiler Insurance
  • Boiler & Radiator Insurance

The level of protection depends on the Boiler Insurance product you choose. Further details are provided in these Terms & Conditions. Key details of the policy can also be found in the Insurance Product Information Documents:

My boiler is broken what should I do?

Contact Domestic & General straight away on our free number - 0800 027 7788 (it’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week). One of the advisers will discuss your breakdown and can arrange for an expert Gas Safe registered engineer to visit your property.  There is a repair limit of £1,500 each year.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.

What if my boiler cannot be fixed?

If required, you’ll receive a replacement boiler worth up to £750 or a contribution towards the cost of a replacement product.  When you receive a replacement or a voucher, your policy will end.  Please note, this will not cover the cost of installing and delivering the replacement boiler. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details

How do I make my payments for Boiler Insurance?

Your payments will be collected through monthly Direct Debit. Please refer to the Direct Debit Guarantee for further details.

I’ve applied for a Boiler Insurance product but I’ve changed my mind

We want you to be completely happy with your decision to take Boiler Insurance from ScottishPower and you have a 14-day cooling off period from the moment you receive your welcome letter or from the policy start date whichever is later.  Please let us know by calling on 0800 027 1444.

What happens at the end of my Boiler Insurance policy?

Domestic & General will automatically renew your policy so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your Boiler Insurance product.

We’ll write to you at least 6 weeks before the end of your policy to advise you that you’re approaching your policy renewal date. The letter will contain details of your monthly payments for the year ahead.

If I move house can I take my Boiler Insurance product to my new home?

You can’t take your current Boiler Insurance product with you. However if you call us we can easily arrange to set up a new policy for one of our Boiler Care products at your new home. Please contact us on 0800 027 1444, (lines open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 5pm).

Can I apply for Boiler Insurance if my supplier for gas or electricity is not ScottishPower?

Yes, you don’t need to be a ScottishPower energy customer, or have one of our boilers, to apply for one of our Boiler Insurance products.  Find out more about our range of Boiler Care products.

Will I be charged an excess?

Some Boiler Insurance policies require you to pay an excess for claims.  If you’ve purchased a policy with an excess (your welcome letter will outline your excess), you must pay this before the visit is arranged. The excess is payable via credit or debit card. The excess is not payable if you require a second onsite visit within 30 days of a previous visit.  There are different levels of excess depending on what you choose.

When will my policy start?

Please note that a wait period of 30 days from date of sale of this product applies to the policy.  Any services carried out within 30 days of date of sale will be subject to charge. Within this period we can provide the details of a repairer in your area, but any charge for work carried out cannot be reclaimed from us.

How do I cancel my policy?

If you change your mind and wish to cancel then all you have to do is call 0800 027 1444 (lines open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-5pm)

What boilers are eligible?

Your boiler must be:

  • owned by you;
  • in good working order and under 15 years old when you take out the policy;
  • located in the United Kingdom; and
  • used for personal and non-business purposes only.

Neither the boiler nor the controls can be of a commercial or industrial grade, such as having more than 200,000 BTU/HR 66.36K input.  Your product cannot be located on a boat or in a mobile home.  It cannot be a warm air unit; electric, LPG, solid fuel or oil boiler or combined heat power unit.

Last updated: 12 February 2023

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