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Final Bill Explained

Information regarding your final bill once you switch suppliers or move home.

If you decide to leave ScottishPower and have a query about your final bill, find help and advice below. 

Final Bill and Refunds

When will I receive my final bill?

Your final bill will be with you within six weeks from the date you switch to your new supplier. If you're a dual fuel customer, you may receive a separate bill for each fuel.

When will I receive my refund from ScottishPower?

We will issue a final bill and if this has a credit, we’ll refund you automatically.

If you pay by Direct Debit and you have not cancelled this, we’ll refund you directly into your bank account. Otherwise, we’ll send you a cheque. Either way, your refund will be with you within 10 working days from the date on your bill.

How do I know what my closing balance is?

We'll create a final bill for you within six weeks of your energy switching to your new supplier. If you have an online account, we'll send you an email to let you know when your bill is ready to view. If you don't have one, we'll post your bill to you.

I think my final account balance is wrong and a Direct Debit has been taken for the full amount. What do I do?

If you think your final account balance is wrong, please contact us immediately with the reading your new supplier has started your account with. This will allow us to check the final bill and confirm the correct final balance for you.

We'll try to stop the Direct Debit payment being collected until we have reviewed your account. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help sort out any problems.

The refund I’ve received doesn’t match the amount of credit on my bill. Why?

When you switch supplier, we'll issue you with a separate bill for each fuel and send them to you as soon as we have each one ready. If there's a credit on your first bill, when it's ready, we'll apply it to your other bill before sending you any refund. If querying a refund after receiving your second bill then please contact us.

Final Meter Reads

Do you need my final meter readings?

Your new supplier will ask you to supply them with opening meter readings. They’ll use these readings to set up your new account and will send them to us so we can create an accurate final bill for you.

In the meantime, you can help us to bring your account up to date by submitting your meter readings here.

I’ve left ScottishPower and my final meter readings are incorrect/ based on an estimate. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately with up to date meter readings. This will allow us to check the final bill and confirm the correct final balance for you. To amend incorrect final readings, we need to agree this with your new supplier so please allow a further 28 days for us to do this and finalise your account

I have a prepayment meter and my new supplier has asked for a meter reading. How do I take a meter reading?

Please visit our How to read your gas and electricity meter page for more information.

Pre Payment

How do I transfer my debt to my new supplier?

If you're currently repaying a debt through your prepayment meter, you may be able to carry this debt to your account with your new supplier. If your debt is £500 or less per fuel and your new supplier agrees, we'll transfer this debt, and you'll repay your new supplier instead. This process shouldn’t affect the amount of time that it takes to switch supplier and it should take between six to eight weeks to complete the transfer of the debt. We'll send you details of what you need to do to transfer your debt and what happens next.

When will I receive my new supplier’s payment card/key and what happens if I don’t receive one?

Your new supplier will send you a new payment card/key shortly before your energy switches to them. If you haven't received one by then, please contact your new supplier. But don't worry, you can continue to use your ScottishPower payment card/key until your new one arrives.

Why does my final balance show a debt when I’m a Pay As You Go customer?

As a Pay As You Go (prepayment) customer, there's a number of reasons why your final account balance shows a debt:

The final balance could be based on estimated readings. If an estimated reading has been used, please contact us and provide the correct final readings. To amend incorrect final readings, we need to agree this with your new supplier so please allow a further 28 days for us to do this and finalise your account. There could be missing payments that haven’t registered on your account, please check your bill and contact us with the missing payment information (including the value and date of payment). If your meter had a debt set on this and it has not been fully collected prior to your transfer, the final statement will show a debt balance that requires payment.

Last updated: 24 February 2023

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