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2 years servicing included*

Think you need a new boiler? You don’t.

You could save between £7,500 and £9,000 on an air source heat pump with a Government grant [1] – helping you find a greener way to heat your home sooner.

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Heat pumps from ScottishPower

Choice of leading manufacturers

We offer models from the leading manufacturers in the country – Mitsubishi, Vaillant and Daikin – all high performing, efficient and tailored to your individual needs.

Simple process

From an eligibility check to a home visit to discuss your needs, we’re here to help at every stage. You’ll then get a bespoke proposal and no-obligation quote.

Government Incentives

Whether you live in Scotland, England or Wales you may be eligible for a government funded grant or loan which can be used towards an air source heat pump.

Includes two annual services

Our air source heat pump installations come with 2 years’ annual servicing from Domestic & General [5], providing you with maintenance and support.

Increase your home's value by around £4,500 to £8,000

Heat pumps can make a positive difference to the value of your home and the cost of your energy bills. Learn more in our Better Homes, Cooler Planet report in partnership with WWF. Source: Better Home, Cooler Planet report

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) work in a similar way to a fridge, only in reverse. Powered by electricity, they extract naturally occurring heat from the air - even when temperatures are below 0° - and amplify it. The resulting heat is then used to heat your home.

Air-to-water and air-to-air are the two main types of ASHPs. Air-to-water heat pumps are more commonly used in UK homes. They transfer heat to water, which is distributed via a central heating system. Air-to-air heat pumps use a warm air circulation system.

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Ona’s air source heat pump story

In her customer review video, Ona shares her experience of installing an air source heat pump. Gain valuable insights from Ona’s first-hand story that could help you consider the advantages of investing in an air source heat pump as a greener way to heat your home.

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2 years’ annual servicing included

When you choose ScottishPower to install your air source heat pump (ASHP), you’ll benefit from a 2-year installer warranty [5], which covers workmanship related issues – for example, issues relating to the design and/or the newly installed system. We’ll also include 2 years’ annual servicing from Domestic & General [5] as part of the installation. This helps to keep your ASHP working safely and efficiently, while validating the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 2-year installer warranty covering workmanship related issues
  • First two annual services included
  • Extended 7-year manufacturer warranty [6]
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Are you eligible for a free air source heat pump?

As part of the Government’s ECO scheme, we’re working with eligible customers to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes and help lower bills too. If your home has a poor EPC energy efficiency rating (of D, E, F, G), and you receive certain benefits, we could help you install insulation and upgrade your current heating system for free.

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Government grants and loans

Government incentives can help with the purchase of an air source heat pump. In England & Wales, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) provides grants of £7,500. And in Scotland, Home Energy Scotland (HES) offers a grant of £7,500 (up to £9,000 for rural homes) and an interest free loan of up to £7,500.

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How efficient is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are one of the most efficient and sustainable heating solutions for homes. They extract ambient heat from the environment and can provide more heat than they use in electricity. While gas combi boilers typically have a 90% maximum efficiency, ASHPs can achieve an efficiency of 300% across the seasons [2].

Heating homes and buildings using gas, oil or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is one of the biggest contributors to the UK’s carbon emissions [3]. Installing an ASHP could save more than 2 tonnes of carbon per year [4]. You can lower your emissions further with one of our 100% green electricity tariffs.

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Make greener heating your next choice

Start your journey today by chatting with our specialists. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Discover more about air source heat pumps

A guide to air source heat pumps

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Frequently asked questions

Homeowners installing air source heat pumps will pay 0% VAT for the next five years from April 2022, as set out in the UK government’s Spring Statement 2022.


Government funding may vary depending on location. Eligibility criteria may apply. In Scotland there is a grant of £7.5k available (additional £1.5k in rural Scotland) and an interest free loan of up to £7.5k. Click for more information.

In England & Wales there is a grant of £7.5k. For England and Wales - click for more information.


A gas boiler will produce less than 1kW of heat energy for every kW of gas consumed. A heat pump on the other hand harvests renewable energy from the outdoor air so will produce 3 or more kW of heat energy for every kW of electricity consumed. https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/homeowners/our-heat-pumps.


Comparing a property heated with a modern gas boiler (17,000kWh x 92% Gas Boiler Efficiency x 0.208kgCO2e/kWh = 3.8 Tonnes CO2) vs. an air source heat pump (17,000kWh x 270% ASHP Efficiency x 0.277kgCO2e/kWh = 1.7 Tonnes CO2). Carbon factor assumptions from https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/about-us/our-calculations.


Please note, it is a requirement of the manufacturer’s warranty that an annual service be carried out to keep your heat pump working safely and efficiently. If a service is not conducted annually, the manufacturer’s warranty may become void.


This standalone maintenance plan provided by Domestic & General is available to all air source heat pump owners. Customers purchasing an air source heat pump from ScottishPower will receive 2 years’ annual servicing from Domestic & General and can purchase an annual servicing plan thereafter. Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

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