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Current Tariff Ending

Current Tariff Ending

Everything you need to know if your tariff is ending.

We'll be in touch by email or letter around 2-4 weeks before your tariff ends. We'll let you know what happens next and help you choose our best available deal for you. If you are an online customer, we'll also post a message on your online account inbox, to let you know about the next steps.

You can choose to move to one of our new tariffs right away, otherwise you'll automatically move to our Standard tariff when your current tariff ends. As it's a variable tariff, your prices can go up or down but the unit price and your standing charges will never go above Ofgem's energy price cap.

What happens if you choose a new tariff before your current tariff ends? Your agreement will end if:

• You choose another ScottishPower tariff

• You switch to another supplier

• You move house

Alternatively, ScottishPower can end the agreement by giving you 42 calendar days’ prior notice. If your tariff has exit fees and you switch to another supplier more than 49 days before the end date, you’ll have to pay the exit fees which are listed in your tariff Terms and Conditions.

Exit fees will not apply if you choose a new ScottishPower tariff, move home or we end the agreement.

Thinking of switching tariff or supplier?

We’ve got a range of options available in Change My Tariff for you to choose from. However, if you’re looking elsewhere, make sure you’re getting an accurate quote based on the amount of energy you’re actually using. Most online quotes are based on average house sizes, but for a fair comparison, it’s best to use your own energy consumption. Find how much energy you use annually on your bill.

If you pay by Direct Debit, remember that your current monthly payment includes any credit or debit balance you may have on your account, so may not be directly comparable if you get a quote from another supplier. It’s best to compare estimated annual costs of your current tariff against other suppliers rather than monthly Direct Debit values.

I can't find my letter or email - what should I do?

If you can’t find your email please check your junk/spam folder. If you still can't locate it, log in to your online account to see a message from us detailing what happens next. Or if you have received your letter but can no longer find it, please contact us.

Last updated: 22 February 2024

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