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Online account help and support

If you would like to register, you will need your:

ScottishPower account number - this can be found on any bills or correspondence you have received from us. Postcode

When you have these details please head over to scottishpower.co.uk/register to access your account.


Live Account

A Refund can be issued if:

You are billed within the last 28 days. You are billed to actual readings. Your account balance is in Credit.

Final Account

If you have a credit balance on your final bill, you should receive your refund automatically

By BACS within 5 working days of the bill date, if you are a direct debit customer and we hold active bank details. By CHEQUE ...

Moving into a property supplied by ScottishPower

What information do I need to setup my account

To complete the setup of your account, we will require the following
Your new address The date you're legally responsbile for the property Meter readings for your new property (if you have them) Bank details (if you wish to pay by Direct Debit)


Moving out of a property supplied by ScottishPower

Please let us know when you're moving out of your current home so we can process your home move. If you contact us prior to your move date, we’ll base your final bill on estimated readings, unless up-to-date meter readings are provided.

If you have an online account, the easiest and quickest way to complete your home move is through your online account. Please ensure you have the information below to hand, login to your account and select the ‘Moving Home’ option....


What happens next?

If would like to take over the account because you live in the same property as the deceased, we may be able to update the account so that it is in your name.

If we can’t update the account, or if you don’t want to take over the account, we’ll close it.  We ‘ll issue a final bill to the person responsible for dealing with the deceased’s estate.


Frequently Asked Questions

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