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If your account is in credit, you can keep some of this and use it towards future billing, or you can have it refunded.

If you wish to raise a refund, see the section above, under How to raise a Refund, for the Refund criteria and the Request a Refund tool.  Your refund will be issued by Cheque.

Final Bill Explained

When will I receive my refund from ScottishPower?

If you have a credit balance on your final bill, you should receive your refund automatically

By BACS within 5 working days of the bill date if you’re a direct debit customer and we hold active bank details. By CHEQUE within 10 working days of the bill date, if you’re a direct debit customer and we don’t hold active bank details, or if you’re not a direct debit customer. If y...

Payment Methods

If you have supplied us with accurate meter readings and your account has a credit balance, please  contact us to arrange a refund if you require this. This will be issued by cheque.

If your bill has been estimated, please supply accurate meter readings and we’ll then calculate if any refund is due...

Direct Debit Explained

With Direct Debit, we spread the cost of your energy evenly across the year. This means that you may build up a credit balance over the summer months. It may be a good idea to leave this balance on your account to pay for the extra energy you’ll use during the winter.

If you wish to request a refund, this may mean we need to recalculate your monthly payment amount. Please log in to your online account to provide us with up-to-date meter readings and we’ll check if your account is eligible for a refund. If you require a refund, please chat to us...

Moving out of a property supplied by ScottishPower

We’ll send a copy of your final bill(s) to your forwarding address. This usually arrives within 14 days of your move out date, but it can take up to 6 weeks. If you pay your bills by Direct Debit, please don’t cancel your payment as this allows us to refund any credit to you. If you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit or used a different payment method, we’ll issue a refund for any money owed to you via cheque, which will be posted to the forwarding address provided within 10 days of issuing your final bill. Please note, your Direct Debit will be cancelled once your final bill has been settled...

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