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Moving into a property supplied by ScottishPower

How and when should I let you know that I’m moving into a new home that’s supplied by ScottishPower?

Please let us know when you're moving into a new home as close to your move in date as possible. This will allow us to get started setting up your account.

Moving out of a property supplied by ScottishPower

Please let us know when you're moving out of your current home so we can process your home move. If you contact us prior to your move date, we’ll base your final bill on estimated readings, unless up-to-date meter readings are provided.

If you have an online account, the easiest and quickest way to complete your home move is through your online account. Please ensure you have the information below to hand, login to your account and select the ‘Moving Home’ option....

Final Bill Explained

Information regarding your final bill once you switch suppliers or move home.

Time of Use tariffs

Our EV Saver tariff is exclusive to ScottishPower customers.  It’s designed for those that have an electric car, a home EV charger with a single rate smart meter (sending half hourly readings). Find out more in your online account.

Not yet a ScottishPower customer but interested in our electric vehicle tariff? Simply join us on our Standard Variable tariff and we’ll be able to move you to our EV Saver tariff in no time.

More information about our EV Saver tariff is available here.

If you don’t yet have a home char...

Help with Pay As You Go (Traditional)

I have moved into a property that has a prepayment meter, but I have no supply?

The supply may be temporarily disconnected due to no top-up being made to the meter. If you have already notified us of your home move, and have your new electricity key or gas card, you simply need to top up your meter at a Post Office, Pay Point or Payzone.


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