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Demand Flexibility Service: Power Saver

This is where we invite eligible ScottishPower customers to use less electricity at peak times during Power Saver events. And, in return, they will be rewarded with points that can be used towards an eGift card.

Saving energy is important for everyone. But our Power Saver sessions are more than just a way for ScottishPower customers to earn rewards. By taking part in these sessions, we can help to plan for the energy network of the future and test ways that customers can contribute to lowering demand on electricity supply at peak times....

Time of Use tariffs

Our EV Saver tariff is designed for ScottishPower customers who own an electric car and have a home EV charger. To be eligible for it, you must have a single rate smart meter that sends half-hourly readings and pay by monthly Direct Debit. You can move to it in your online account.

If you are not currently a ScottishPowe...

Planned emergency power cuts

Understanding how they could affect you and how you can prepare

In the UK, the National Grid ESO (Electricity Supply Operator) has the responsibility to balance the energy market, ensuring that there is always enough energy available to meet the demands of homes and businesses. Against the backdrop of the ongoing global gas supply shortage, the National Grid ESO has indicated that emergency power cuts are unlikely this winter, but not impossible, and we should be prepared just in case.


Emergency Information

If your power goes out, firstly check if other homes in your area are affected - see if the streetlamps are on, or if your neighbour’s electricity supply has gone off.

If your neighbours’ power is still on: Check your trip switch if you have one (you’ll usually find it in your fuse box - it will be either black or red). If it has tripped, turn off all your appliances and then reset it to the ‘on’ position. If it continues to trip, call a qualified electrician.


Save Money and Charge Green | EV Saver Tariff from ScottishPower

Enjoy cheaper rates during off-peak hours with ScottishPower's EV Saver Tariff. Designed with electric vehicle drivers in mind, charge your EV at home for less overnight using 100% green electricity. Make the switch to electric and unlock the benefits of a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution.

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