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Smart Meters

At your appointment, our engineer may not have been able to provide a smart meter demonstration or offer energy efficiency advice.  If not, we recommend reading Smart Energy GB’s energy efficiency tips.
By turning off appliances when not in use, the average household can save around £35 a year\ By replacing traditional bulbs with LED ones, the average househ...

Changes to Data Sharing for Customers with Smart Meters

The energy regulator, Ofgem, is making changes to the rules around how energy suppliers collect and use the consumption data from their customers’ electricity smart meters. When the changes take place, it means that suppliers will begin collecting half-hourly consumption data from smart meters, with customers’ permission, and using it for the industry settlement process.  Find out more about this below...

How to read your gas and electricity meters

Gas meters

If your gas meter has dials, please note the numbers in black. If your meter has an LED screen, press the black button twice and then the red button to show the ‘Meter Index’ screen. The Meter Index is your reading.

Help with Pay As You Go (Smart)

What if my top up doesn’t work?

Don’t worry when you top up through the ScottishPower App or using the barcode at a shop, you’ll always get a Unique Transactional Reference Number (UTRN).

This 20-digit number acts like a receipt - so, if your top up doesn’t automatically apply to your meter, you can manually type your UTRN into your In-Home Display or directly into your meter. Once you’ve typed in the UTRN number into the meter, the credit should show on your balance.


Business smart meters | Book your appointment today

Save time and money with business smart meters from ScottishPower. With free installation, and more accurate billing, our smart meters make business sense.

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