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How to read your gas and electricity meters

Electricity key meter

Insert the key into the meter and press the blue button to move through the different screens. Screen H will show your meter’s current reading. If you have a 2-rate meter move to screen J to view the second reading. If you have a 3-rate meter move to screen L to view the third reading...

Smart Meters

At your appointment, our engineer may not have been able to provide a smart meter demonstration or offer energy efficiency advice.  If not, we recommend reading Smart Energy GB’s energy efficiency tips.
By turning off appliances when not in use, the average household can save around £35 a year\ By replacing traditional bulbs with LED ones, the average househ...

Help with Pay As You Go (Smart)

Why do I need to provide a final meter reading?

We need a final meter reading to accurately measure the amount of energy you've used, which allows us to arrive at a correct account balance and then issue your final bill.

Your Bill Explained

Why have I received a bill with an estimated meter reading?

If you've received an estimated bill, it's probably because we haven’t received an actual meter reading. You may have been out when our meter reader called, or we have not received your actual meter readings in time.

For help on how to provide accurate meter readings, please visit our meter reading pag...

Final Bill Explained

I have a prepayment meter and my new supplier has asked for a meter reading. How do I take a meter reading?

Please visit our How to read your gas and electricity meter page for more information.

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