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Emergency Information

If you smell gas or think there might be a gas leak:

Planned emergency power cuts

Understanding how they could affect you and how you can prepare

In the UK, the National Grid ESO (Electricity Supply Operator) has the responsibility to balance the energy market, ensuring that there is always enough energy available to meet the demands of homes and businesses. Against the backdrop of the ongoing global gas supply shortage, the National Grid ESO has indicated that emergency power cuts are unlikely this winter, but not impossible, and we should be prepared just in case.


Insurance with AXA Explained

What does Plumbing, Drains and Electrical Emergency Insurance cover me for?

We work with AXA, a leading provider of Home Emergency cover, to offer Plumbing, Drains and Electrical Emergency Insurance products to our customers. We offer you a choice of 4 cover levels, so you can chose the right protection for your needs:


New to Pay As You Go

What happens if I don’t top up?
Your meter has £10 emergency credit built in. This is to help keep your energy supply on until you are able to top up or this credit runs out. Once you run out of emergency credit, your supply may be temporarily disconnected until you top up your meter. Emergency credit has to be repaid - To return the meter to normal after using emergency credit, you must repay any amount of emergency credit used plus standing charges and any payments you are making towards a debt (if applicable). It's important to also top up enough credit to cover the cost of the energy you will use. If y...

Home Services

We know how stressful it can be when you come home to a leak or the wiring fails to turn the lights on. That's why we work with AXA, a leading provider of home emergency cover, to offer four options of insurance cover for your home essentials:

Plumbing & Drains Emergency Insurance Plumbing & Drains Plus Emergency Insurance ...

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