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Priority Service Register

Our Priority Services Register (PSR) can provide you with extra help managing your energy account. You could be eligible for our PSR for a number of reasons – ranging from a chronic illness or disability to a change in your personal circumstances.

Help Paying your Bill

If you’re struggling to afford your energy, please contact us as soon as possible and we can discuss a repayment plan that works for you. We can also advise you of other organisations that may be able to help.

We want to help you manage your energy debt and avoid it building up further. We'll always try to avoid the need to take further action. However, if you don't pay your bill or come to an arrangement with us, we may fit a Pay As You Go meter. If you have a smart meter, we can change the mode to Pay As You Go.  We may also register a payment default against you with a credit reference agency, which could impact your ability to obtain credit.

That’s why it’s best to speak with us as soo...

ScottishPower Hardship Fund

Because some customers have difficulties paying their bills due to low income or other circumstances, ScottishPower has a Hardship Fund to help them get their energy payments under control. The Fund can help by clearing or reducing arrears by crediting a customer’s ScottishPower energy account.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger Support

We offer a complete range for electric vehicle drivers, including your EV home charger, nationwide charger installation and even an EV energy tariff. This page provides information relating to your home EV charger installation, along with general questions.

Direct Debit Explained

With Direct Debit, we spread the cost of your energy evenly across the year. This means that you may build up a credit balance over the summer months. It may be a good idea to leave this balance on your account to pay for the extra energy you’ll use during the winter.

If you wish to request a refund, this may mean we need to recalculate your monthly payment amount. Please log in to your online account to provide us with up-to-date meter readings and we’ll check if your account is eligible for a refund. If you require a refund, please chat to us...

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